Why Do New Year's Resolutions Fail?

New Year's Resolutions fade away quickly even though more than half of all Americans make a New Year's resolution. More interestingly, most of us keep making a New Year's resolution every year, even though we all know that we failed miserably at it during the previous year. Obviously, many of us must be doing something wrong.

The main problem with New Year’s resolutions is that we are overly ambitious when we are considering our goals. As the year comes to a close, we are filled with holiday cheer and aspire to lofty and unrealistic resolutions. Unfortunately, we tend to not put enough consideration on how to fully achieve our goals. This lack of planning leads to a diminished focus and ultimately, the resolution slowly crumbles. New Year's Resolution Fail

How do you successfully achieve your New Year's Resolution?

In order to successfully achieve our goals, we need to plant a seed in our mind of small habit forming activities that will lead us to fulfill our dreams. It is our daily activities and actions that will eventually help us achieve our New Year’s resolution. We have to keep reinforcing these minor behavioral changes on a daily basis to allow them to develop to a point where we will perform them automatically. It simply becomes a subconscious activity. However, this takes some time to achieve along with a healthy does of willpower and self-determination.

Examples of common New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolution Resolution: Get in shape
Habit: Start taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator in the morning when you go to work. After a couple of weeks this behavior will become instinctual and you will just do this without even thinking about it.
Resolution: Stop smoking
Habit: Even though nicotine is a powerful physical addiction, your habits you created around smoking can be broken with small baby steps. Instead of inhaling your happiness every morning while driving to work, switch your route up and chew a piece of gum.
Resolution: Eat healthier food
Habit: Replace your candy jar with walnuts or grapes

Starting a habit is actually fairly easy thing to do. Just think about your bad habits, like staying up too late or eating a bag of chips while watching TV. Because you have done these activities over and over again, they become natural to you and you just do them. It doesn't actually take that long for a habit to form. Research has shown that it really depends on the activity you are trying to form the habit for and on your determination. Easy activities, such as drinking a glass of orange juice every morning become automatic very quickly in a couple of weeks. Running 2 miles every day requires much more determination and willpower and therefore will take longer to stick.

Once you formed a habit of doing something, it becomes instinctual. You don't have to think about it anymore, you just do it.

Start small

Think of training for a marathon. You begin running 20 miles per day even if you have an iron will. It's just not possible. Break your resolution down into small pieces and build on your successes. Simply add a little bit of self-discipline and determination, and your chances of achieving your resolution are much higher.

can assist you achieving your New Year's resolution with following steps:

Write your new year's resolution down

Create a category on your scorecard that reflects your New Year's resolution. For example, Lose Weight.

Then, think of what activities you can do to help you achieve this resolution and create an indicator for each activity. For example, number of times you have taken the stairs or minutes of walking after dinner and so on.


Set yourself tiny goals and increase them slowly

Set a goal that you know you can achieve. Starting out with baby steps is crucial as you don't want to discourage your new habit forming activity early on. You can adjust your targets easily for each indicator and slowly increase them over time when you feel that you are ready for it.

Record how you are going to achieve your resolution

For those of us that don't have an iron will and would prefer to quickly forget those ambitions we had during the joyous holiday season, you can set your indicators up so that it will send you an energizing reminder email when it is time to record your performance.

Post comments about the specific activities and actions you plan to do. This will serve as a diary for you to look back and see what worked well and what didn't produce your desired results.

New Year's Resolution Success

Track your progress of your New Year's resolution

Review your scorecard's trend graphs periodically and see how things are progressing for you. Compare your performance against your overall happiness indicator. This allows you to keep track on how you feel in general and provides a nice contrast or reality check for you to evaluate how your plan is working out for you. You might find that you are chasing the wrong resolution, which will make you think again about what your vision plan, purpose and top priorities are in life.

Share your new year's resolution with your family and friends

The people around you can have a significant impact on your behavior. Sharing your scorecard with your family and friends will significantly increase your chances of succeeding and will add a accountability on your part. Furthermore, receiving positive feedback will definitely increase your chances of successfully continue your habit forming activity. It will boost your self-determination and to keep going until your habit has formed.

Give it a try and start utilizing this free service to conquer your happiness and successfully achieve your New Year’s resolution.

Have a Happy New Year!
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