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My Indicators – A social network of scorecards to help you keep track of what you want to achieve in life

My Indicators is a powerful, personal and social scorecard application for individuals and organizations to help score success in all aspects of daily life. It allows you to record your key activities through performance indicators, score and share your successes with your friends and family and helps you connect with other members that have similar interests and desires. In today’s busy life it is easy not to pay attention to the items that matter most to us. My indicators helps you to keep score of your goals and entices you to focus on results so that you will strive to achieve your desired results.

It is easy to get started. First, create a vision plan that defines your purpose and top priorities in your life. Imagine your success by thinking of the activities you enjoy and that give you satisfaction in different relevant, areas of your life or organization, such as your health, job, customers, family, friends or finances. It's almost like looking at your life through a lens that will give you different perspectives.

Next, define what success means for all your life perspectives by breaking down the key activities you need to do into clear and realistic goals. Think of what measurable activities you can do to achieve your desires. Don't confuse aspirations with goals. For example, being rich and famous is a broad ambition that will be difficult to track.


Keep Track of Your Results with My Indicators

By recording your performance goals with My Indicators you will actually confirm your willingness to make them come true. A written list of goals will constantly remind you what you want to achieve. Establishing targets and determining how often you want to measure your performance is a critical step. Setting a timeline for when and how often you want to keep score on how you are performing will help you to stop procrastinating and focus on achieving your goals. Then use that redirected energy to focus on fulfilling your dreams instead of being concerned with other people’s lives through social media and celebrity watching.

Score Your Success with My Indicators

Keeping score on how you perform is a crucial part of being successful and an important constant reminder to keep you on the path of achieving the goals you have set for yourself. My Indicators tracks all your indicators on a balanced scorecard and provides you a quick overall picture on how you are performing against all of your life's or organization's expectations. Assess your achievements over time with trend graphs and post comments, thoughts or planned improvement actions for each indicator and stay on track to reach your goals. Keep score on how you feel overall with the happiness indicator to make sure you are heading in the right direction. You can also create alerts to remind you when it’s time to record your performance to ensure you stay on track.

Share Your Performance with My Indicators

Share your scorecard with your family and friends. Getting support and advice from other members will boost your motivation and help you achieve what you want. Each indicator and posted comment can be shared with only your friends, the public or you can keep them private.

Connect With Your Peers

Find and connect with people that are having similar goals and interests. Exchange advice, share experiences and succeed together to be happy and stay happy. A summary activity updates you to see what your friends are up to, who posted comments on your indicators, which members reviewed your scorecard and much more.

Happiness is not purely a matter of chance but rather the enjoyment of your continued achievements of your goals, dreams and wishes. You can make it happen too by starting to keep score and enrich your life with happiness, the best feeling in the world. So don’t procrastinate! Get started today and sign up. Best of all, it’s free to start conquering your happiness!


My Indicators Scorecard Examples

If health is one of your important foundation blocks to happiness, you might want to track how many hours you spend in the gym per week or how many miles you walk every day.

Trying to keep your expenses under control? Start to keep track of how many times per week you go out to eat or how much money you spend on your groceries on a weekly basis.

If you are an organization, you might want to keep track of how your company’s revenue compares to your monthly budget or what your employee turnover is per month.

You can be quite creative in your approach. All that matters is that it works for you.

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